Innovation is no longer a pesky buzzword tossed about in executive meetings; it’s imperative for midmarket organizations to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Digital innovation carries different meaning across industry verticals, but IT leaders are tasked with leading successful initiatives to empower finance, HR, and sales teams to function more efficiently and cohesively.

However Talent and Culture were among the top ranking challenges for CIOs to accomplish business objectives according to Gartner’s Global CIO Survey.

Attracting and retaining ambitious IT talent to a midmarket company with lean staffing budgets and minimal perks is challenging enough, but ensuring new hires integrate well into a staff where veteran employees fully understand business operations that are typically supported by contracted, overseas staff, adds a whole new level of complexity.

Dan Roberts speaking at the Midmarket CIO Forum presented by Boardroom Events

Dan Roberts, CEO, Ouellette & Associates

Dan Roberts, CEO of Ouellete and Associates Consulting, Inc. will offer the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum keynote, “Unleashing the Power of IT: Leading with Courage, Winning with Talent.”

In a world with increased complexity, accelerating change, and an industry disruption cycle that has shrunk from 10 to three years, IT has never been better positioned to lead the charge as their company’s Innovative Anticipator™.

Roberts brings more than 30 years in the IT industry to help CIOs develop the human side of the equation. His session will help guide IT leadership teams to:

  • Move up the IT Maturity Curve – The Journey Ahead
  • Shift from Order Taker to Value Creator to Innovative Anticipator™
  • Lead With Courage: Building the 5th “C” For Success
  • Build Your IT TALENT Brand

“Unleashing the Power of IT” is a highly interactive leadership development experience that will guide and inspire this new journey. Based on the latest research and new practices, this session serves as a catalyst for profound leadership transformations in organizations of all sizes and across all industries.