It never ceases to amaze me how quickly six months of hard nosed work culminates in a three-day whirlwind. But when a leading CIO and former military leader tells me Midmarket CIO Forum effectively gives him back 18 days a year, I know our team’s doing something right.

A few years ago, Hilary heard RC Woodson engaging with a vendor and his peers at his first Boardroom Event. He graciously accepted our invitation to join our advisory board that helps vet vendors and drive the direction of our forums. It took him a couple of events to truly understand the flow and extra onsite and pre-event duties that come with the role, but he can now command a room full of executives like few before him.

RC Woodson

RC Woodson is Vice President of IT at Doyon, Limited.

RC is one of those guys I’m stoked to see every six months, and I can’t tell you how many vendors told me in Austin that they really feel like they’re part of the Boardroom Events family. Especially in the wake of a Category 4 hurricane that’s decimated the Florida Keys where Boardroom Events is headquartered, it was incredibly uplifting to see all my tech family – our remote team members, support staff, Advisory Board, CIOs who were new as well as returning clients AND our amazing vendor partners – again!

But I digress.

So why do these incredibly busy executives willingly sacrifice their valuable time to give direction and help grow our biannual gatherings?

“The Midmarket CIO Forum replaces four other major industry events, essentially giving me back 18 days of my year. That means I actually get to take a vacation!”

In all seriousness, RC couldn’t have given me a greater compliment. Our core mission is laser focused on assisting executives along their professional journeys.

A quick peak at our exit survey data this week showed 96% of our executive audience rated Midmarket CIO Forum as Above Average or Superior experience. Not surprisingly, 90% gave similar applause for the vendors who sponsored this forum.

But hey, don’t take my word for it…the love from our executive audience has been pretty awesome…

“This is the best event I have been to in years. The ability to talk about vendors in the boardrooms then follow-up in the one-to-ones. The communication is natural and I look forward to using the online portal to stay engaged with the CIO community.” – Dir. IT, Global Packaging Manufacturer


“Boardrooms are expertly facilitated and the titles of the other attendees are spot on. They’re all decision makers. Not those who report to the CIO. That’s not always the case at the other event.” – VP IT, Global Management Training Firm</


And it’s not just the executives who are offering rave reviews…

“Thank you and the team for welcoming us into the BE Family! It has been an amazing forum, and I have never been so impressed by the people, organization, professionalism, and partnership. I really do believe in this forum and your team, it’s been a great experience. Such a pleasure to have met you all, thank you again for your kindness and partnership.” – Business Development Executive, Mimecast

So, my hat’s off to you, the executive audience and solution providers who continue to help us make the Forum experience each six months the most effective (and fun!) use of your time.