18 07, 2017

Beyond the Hype: Planning for AI

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During a staff meeting this week, my colleague shared Elon Musk's predictions about artificial intelligence posing an "existential threat" to human civilization mere moments from another colleague receiving a phone call from local police about her elderly parent. How are the two related? Today's scammer tactics are absolutely mind-boggling. In short, our colleague's mother received [...]

5 06, 2017

CIO Panel: Security Challenges in the Midmarket

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[sg_popup id="4" event="onload"][/sg_popup] Despite some of the most expensive fortifications on the market, CIOs and their technology teams in the midmarket struggle daily to stay ahead of malware and cyberattacks that stand to cripple their company's operations. Walid Ayoub - Human Rights Watch Global NGO Human Rights Watch was the victim of numerous attempted attacks by [...]

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