For more months than I care to recall, the catamaran on which I live in South Florida has been out of the water for some maintenance and repairs. A slight miscalculation out sailing last year carried one of her precious hulls across a jagged jetty and ripped a gaping hole in her bottom side.

Another global cyber attack this week following on the heels of WannaCry last month has everyone, especially CIOs in the midmarket, on high alert. The infection halted operations, at least temporarily,for global organizations from Russia’s largest oil producer to shipping giant Maersk and US drug company Merck.

Continuously under pressure to lead digital transformation, CIOs at established companies receive push back from users resistant to new technologies or process improvements. These discerning executives are challenged to scale cloud migrations and improve customer experience all while protecting company networks, machines and data against intrusion.

While there are more ways then ever to be educated on solutions and products in today’s market, the dynamic brainstorming and collaborative evaluation that both executives and vendors engage in at Midmarket CIO Forum is extremely challenging to replicate online.

We’ve been in business now for nearly a decade with well over 50 years of collective event production experience. Our industry is not without its challenges, but things worth having don’t always come easy. The individual contributions from this company’s team members and their belief in our mission of supporting midmarket IT organizations continue to add value for all our customers.

Charting any new course requires flexibility, but midmarket leaders must work harder now more than ever to avoid unsightly miscalculations and ensure there are no gaping holes in their boats.