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The MIDMRKT CIO Forum brings together top IT executives and solution providers in the midmarket space. These three days of collaboration, presentations, and networking are packed full of valuable conversations and new opportunities.

One stand-out sponsor from the Spring 2019 CIO Forum was Symantec, who has proven to be a great partner for the MIDMRKT CIO community.

I sat down with Director of Mid-Market Sales, Cody Manning to understand how Symantec has leveraged the partnership with MIDMRKT Suite.

How would you describe your overall experience at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum?

I have been extremely impressed. Over the years, I have invested in many different forums and have found the quality of the staff, as well as the attendees to be extremely impressive. From an ROI perspective, I have yet to find anything close that delivers higher yields.

What do you think makes Symantec successful at the CIO Forum?

Our success has been a byproduct of overall objective in attending the Forum. Our purpose for attending the event(s) is simple – we want the people we interact with to walk away with a personal experience and to understand what our vision is for the Mid-Market. We want them to know we are listening, and their input is crucial to the success of our partnership.

What advice would you give a new incoming sponsor?

Be yourself…The audience is looking for a true partner and someone they can build rapport with. Ultimately, they are looking for a trusted resource that can help guide them through their technology growth.

Symantec has also partnered with MIDMRKT Suite to hold Local roundtables. Describe the relationships and opportunities you have gained from these events.

I am a huge fan of the Local roundtables! This gives us the ability to sit back and listen to several C-Level executives discuss real time concerns in a completely trusted environment. Aside from that, we get to spend time getting to know who they are and have a little fun at the same time. It makes attending the large events even more productive as you are getting to see some people you have already interacted with on the road. It really strengthens the bonds you have built.

What makes your time at the CIO Forum and the MIDMRKT Locals different than other events?

Simple – The staff. The leadership team at MIDMRKT CIO Forum is the best I have ever worked with. It may sound cliché, but their attention to detail, and the vetting they put forth into the candidates is second to none. They truly understand the needs of the Mid-Market, as well as the deliverables of the potential vendors. They bring together the best of the best on both sides, and it is apparent by the interactions you see throughout the events.

Tell us about you. (Why you do what you do, time in role, why Symantec, hobbies?)

I am a problem solver and love being in a position where I can assist others in accomplishing their goals. There are few things I have found in life that bring more joy than helping someone do something they had deemed not possible. As for my personal life, my family is extremely important to me. If you are looking for my “why”, they are absolutely it. My wife and I are going on 17 years of marriage, and my daughters Lexi and Alli are highlights of my life. Why Symantec? Because it is a global leader in next-generation cyber security, but more importantly, the leadership and vision are completely in line with my core values. In the last 3.5 years here, I have seen a complete shift in culture, and renewed focus on customer success in the Mid-Market space. In my off time, when not attending my daughter(s) sporting events, I enjoy hunting of all kinds, and I fish as often as I can.

Learn how Symantec and others have been successful at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum.

Contact Melissa Park or Dawn Shultz today to participate in the Fall 2019 MIDMRKT CIO Forum on October 27 – 29, in Tucson, AZ!


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