Day Two at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum started with a series of boardroom discussions, held by several solution providers. In these intimate sessions, executives had the opportunity to sit with peers and potential solution providers to discuss new products and services. Boardroom discussions were held throughout the day, complemented by a lunch keynote presentation, held by James Alexander, SVP, CIO and Vendor Practice at Info-Tech Research Group.

During this session, James described the basics of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the value it can bring to an organization. Illustrating the foundational aspects of RPA, James stated, “There’s really something in it for everyone, no matter what industry you are in.”

James walked the audience through a brief history of people’s obsession with machines, including the invention of the Turk in the 1700s to IBM’s Watson. Further explaining our fascination, James made the point that we are still currently in a place where the majority of business is reliant on people.

Diving into the benefits of RPA, James took the audience through a series of use cases across different industries, highlighting how RPA is creating value through time savings, particularly with knowledge workers. Referencing a study done by the Info-Tech Research Group, he described the opportunity for organization to reduce 22% of knowledge worker’s time by automating many of their daily processes.

Wrapping up his discussion, James emphasized “[RPA] doesn’t have to do with technology, it has to do with knowing business processes.” He went on to say that in order to truly create value from RPA it must be “owned by the business but governed by IT”.

Attendees wrapped up their day participating in one-on-one meetings with solution providers.

We are thrilled to start day three off with more boardroom discussions.