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Each Forum cycle, the Boardroom Events team continues to be astounded at the wealth of incredible collective knowledge and expertise of our executive attendees.

The Spring 2016 cycle is certainly no exception.

Dozens of applications and nominations were culled to determine the most clearly articulated cases of executives best leveraging vendor partnerships to benefit overall business outcomes.

Without further ado, the finalists for the Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence and Midmarket CMO Award of Excellence…

Midmarket CIO Forum



Mike CahoonMichael Cahoon, VP and CIO at CP Kelco, recalled a presentation he’d seen on OutSystems Platform at a previous BE Midmarket CIO Forum. The Platform offered the level of functionality CP Kelco needed to solve its CAPEX forecasting challenge. Working with Outsystems Platform,  the applications development team built the CAPEX system in just eight weeks. This empowered the company to take advantage of sudden opportunities related to strategic capital projects by optimizing how capital is spent throughout the year. The CapEX application integrated with SAP and provided CP Kelco with the necessary Excel type functionality needed to accurately forecast CAPEX spend. This enhanced visibility enables the company to add approximately six unscheduled projects to its annual CAPEX pipeline; find and reallocate unspent resources from its existing budget; and improve CAPEX funding allocation by 15 to 20 percent over its previous methodology.


RC Woodson
RC Woodson, VP of IT at Doyon, one of the country’s largest private landowners, partnered with KnowledgeNet to to offer mission-critical associate training right to desktops and laptops. The result was better retention, flexible scheduling, reduced time in training and decreased training costs for overall company savings of over $30,000.




Mike ONeilMike O’Neil, Director of IT at Hydradyne, was at a crossroads with aging physical infrastructure and ongoing challenge of increased system stability, availability and performance. Virtualized infrastructure on Scale Computing‘s HC3 hyperconverged platform was a perfect fit for half the price of comparable solutions. The Hydradyne IT team was able to successfully implement the new virtualized infrastructure, consisting of 25 Microsoft Server VMs, within a matter of days instead of weeks, allowing the migration of key production environments to the new platform.  The cost savings was so considerable that it allowed for the addition of a 2nd Scale HC3 cluster for failover and redundancy.  Since initial implementation, Hydradyne has doubled their virtual footprint on the HC3 platform, allowing for fast and easy scalability to meet the system demands of the company.  Scale Computing’s ‘self healing’ behavior has increased the efficiencies of the IT team by allowing them to concentrate on mission critical issues as the HC3 cluster’s take care of itself.


Scott Franzel
OFS Brands SVP of IT Scott Franzel and his team were faced with an overloaded paper trail following every order through the office manufacturer’s plants, directly impacting product quality and delivery dates. Information Builders has been instrumental in a company paradigm shift in which BI has become part of day-to-day operations. One benchmarked plant went from using six cases of paper in a week to only using six cases in six weeks. The company has experienced financial gains through several key financial metrics, and what was once a project has now become embedded into organizational structure and culture of OFS Brands.




Peter Sorckoff

Peter Sorckoff, SVP of Marketing, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena, spear-headed a seismic shift in marketing focus for his organization that went beyond a logo redesign and adjustment of media buying. They used Motive Quest to conduct 12 months of social listening around their brand, crunched the data and designed strategic marketing initiatives to better target prime demographics. The multi-pronged, phased approach resulted in tripled ticket sales, retail sales and media ratings in just one year.


Robin Caputo

Robin Caputo is CMO for Datavail, North America’s largest pure play remote database management services firm that has quadrupled in the last four years. FunnelWise automated a significant part of the reporting and cut in half the amount of time the marketing team spent generating monthly reports. Rather than manipulating data to compile results that quickly become outdated, Datavail can spend more time on data-backed recommendations. The clear line of sight FunnelWise provides helps Datavail identify which marketing activities are the best use of time and money.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 5 at the conclusion of the co-located Midmarket CIO and Midmarket CMO Forums at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL.