A popular winery located in the beautiful rolling hills of Napa appeared to have only one option for quality internet access — a $75,000 fiber build out. But TPx delivered a business-ready alternative — ITx for WAN with 4G LTE.


A major Northern California winery struggled to connect their 10 employees in an office located in the heart of their vineyard. The region’s local provider could only offer quality internet access through a $75,000 fiber optic build out.

TPx Communications, a P2 telecom partner, enabled 4G LTE SD-WAN solution offered affordable, quickly provisioned primary connectivity with the QoS necessary for business-quality voice and data. It leveraged the nearly ubiquitous 4G LTE national cell coverage in conjunction with a managed services router to provide seamless voice and data traffic as a standalone service — with no territorial provider limits and far simpler provisioning.

The solution delivers 10 – 20 Mbps throughput (speeds would be reduced after 150GB of monthly data usage) with forward error correction, 24/7 monitoring and TPx network management.

“The ability to deliver a business-class primary connection over 4G LTE is trail breaking and unique,” said Jared Martin, VP of Managed IT at TPx. “For companies that are desperate for connectivity, this is life-changing.”

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