LEADERSHIP PANEL: Prioritizing Cybersecurity Threats for Your Organization


Prioritizing Cybersecurity Threats for Your Organization

There are no shortage of threats to midmarket organizations; attackers can come from anywhere – whether it be from inside your company, from organized cybercriminals or state-sponsored actors, or even a bored teenager with too much time on their hands. How do you identify and prioritize which threats to focus on with your limited resources?

Moderated by: Peter Karlson, CEO, MIDMRKT


  • Tod Huber, CTO, Milwaukee County
  • Kip Bates, Associate Chief Information Security Officer, UC Santa Barbara
  • Jadee Hanson, CISO & CIO, Code42
  • Chris Roberts, Scottish Security Warlock and Hacker in Residence, Hillbilly Hit Squad


1. It's Coming from Within the Building: Identifying, Preventing and Containing Insider Threats

Moderated by:

  • Steve Brown, CIO, ECMD
  • Tommy Todd, CISSP, Senior Systems Engineer, Code42

2. Reducing Your Attack Surfaces: Expanding Perimeters, End Points, and Gateways

Moderated by:

  • Chris Lawrence, CIO, Risas Dental
  • Rob Harvey, Managing Director – Risk, Security, and Privacy, OBS

3. Threat Hunting, Deepfakes & The Rise of New Zero-Day Exploits

Moderated by:

  • Tod Huber, CTO, Milwaukee County
  • Bryan Allen, Security Researcher, Area 1 Security