Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), the impartial software selection expert, is pleased to announce the publication of our newest Buyer’s Guide: the 2017 ERP Software Buyer’s Guide for To-Order Manufacturers

The guide surveys the rapidly changing landscape of manufacturing software, particularly in terms of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that are designed for and most commonly chosen by manufacturers who handle product customization.

The Buyer’s Guide was written by one of TEC’s senior ERP analysts, who maintains a sharp focus on the challenges that today’s to-order manufacturing firms face in a hyper-competitive, global marketplace and explores how such manufacturers are employing technology to meet these challenges and thrive.

This Buyer’s Guide also asks whether customization represents the future of manufacturing and what are the technologies behind this trend?  You’ll read about the different types of manufacturing operations that can handle product customization and understand whether mass customization is best viewed as a business opportunity or as a competitive necessity.

Sections of the guide are devoted to subjects such as smart manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and offshoring and onshoring, among other topics. Find out which factors are most important to keep in mind to help you differentiate between competing vendors’ ERP software solutions for customized product manufacturing.

The ultimate aim of this guide is, of course, to give you the information you need to be able to identify the technology solutions that are best suited to your company’s particular requirements. This guide is an excellent resource to get you started on that path.

The Buyer’s Guide includes specific ERP software product comparisons, a list of TEC resources to help you throughout your software selection project, a casebook of real-life studies of to-order manufacturing companies that benefited from various ERP software solutions, and a comprehensive directory of current vendors.

The ERP Buyer’s Guide for To-Order Manufacturers can be downloaded in its entirety free of charge.